Quinteto Ángel

Bandoneón - Christian Gerber

Piano - Frank Schulte

Violin - Bernhard von der Gabelentz

Cello - Samuel Lutzker

Double bass - Rodolfo Paccapelo

Quinteto Ángel, founded in 2001, has developed into one of the most important German Tango bands, not to mention their success in broader Europe. With palpable enthusiasm the five artists play music which draws its strength from the seeming contradiction of solemn melancholy and vehemently pulsing energy. With their interpretations of traditional Argentine tangos as well as tango nuevo compositions of Astor Piazzolla they prove that good tango can also be found in Europe. The musicians join together from diverse backgrounds including Jazz, Classic and Tango. Combining these influences, they bring light to their own individual and distinctive style and arrangements. The number of original compositions in their repertoire keeps growing as well.

In their interpretations and compositions, the 5 young musicians from Berlin prove their unique ability to combine elements of the Guardia Vieja with the Golden Era of the 40´and 50´s aswell as the Tango Nuevo. They are always aware - as one can see from the title of their first CD “Danzarin” (2004) - that the dance and music form an inseparable unit. 

Releases since 2004:

CD "Danzarin", 2004 (39 min., Eigenverlag)

CD "Alma de Tango" live, with Claudia Pannone (voc.), 2006 (60 min., Delta Music GmbH)

DVD "Alma de Tango" live, with Claudia Pannone (voc.), Diana & Juan (dance), 2006 (95 min., Delta Music GmbH)

CD "Sábado Inglés", with famous guests like the Argentinian singer Sergio
Gobi and the Grammy-awarded Luis Stazo (Sexteto Mayor), 2007 (51 min., Eigenverlag)

CD "Final de Fiesta", Guest: Sergio Gobi (voc), Pablo Woizinski (pno), 2009 (53 min., Eigenverlag)

Official website: www.quintetoangel.de