Lessons for Intermediate (Int) and Advanced level (Adv) are held by Cecilila González & Somer Sürgit and Inês Gomes & Rui Barroso 
(Fri-Sat 12:30-18:00, Sun 12:15-17:15).
Lessons for Beginners are held by Kaja & Martin Keil (Fri-Sun 18:15-19:30).

A special musicality class for ALL levels is given on Sunday afternoon (12:15-13:45). 
In this musicality class Frank Schulte (piano) and Christian Gerber (bandoneón) (both from Germany) will talk about the history and development of the Argentinean tango in the past 120 years. The different styles of Milonga, Vals Criollo and Tango will be touched as well as different rhythmic figures and styles of the famous orquestas of the Guardia Vieja & the Golden Era and the Tango Nuevo up to today. Musical details such as rhythmical phrasing, different accentuations, tempo changes and their (possible) affections on the dance will be subjects of the class as well.

Workshops Location

The workshops:
Time Cecilia González & Somer Surgit Kaja Keil & Martin Keil Inês Gomes  &  Rui Barroso Frank Schulte & Christian Gerber DAY milonga
    ROOM 327 (3rd floor)                   ROOM 217 (2nd floor)   Gallery
Friday, 13rd July
12:30-14:00 CS11 Sostenidas and volcadas (int/adv)   IR11 Dissociative movements to better take advantage of the music (int/adv)   Day milonga 13:30-18:00 Gallery
2nd floor
14:30-16:00 CS12 Art of walking and small turns (all)   IR12 Rythmical sequence on a close embrace (adv)  
16:30-18:00 CS13 Turns (the structure) (int)   IR13 Back sacadas for men and women (int/adv)  
18:15-19:30   KM14 Walking, leading and following (beginers)            
Saturday, 14th July
12:30-14:00 CS21 Barridas for men and women (int)   IR21 "Giros" with "Enrosques" and "Lapis" (int/adv)   Day milonga 13:30-18:00 Gallery
2nd floor
14:30-16:00 CS22 Starting colgadas (adv)   IR22 Open embrace combinations (int/adv)  
16:30-18:00 CS23 Technique for leading and performing Boleos (int)   IR23 Unusual change of direction into a turn  (adv)  
18:15-19:30   KM24 Embrace as essence of tango (beginers)            
Sunday, 15th July
12:15-13:45 CS31 Changes of direction combinations (int)     FC31 Special musicality class for ALL levels Day milonga 13:30-18:00 Gallery
2nd floor
14:00-15:30 CS32 Figuras milongueras (int) small steps for the dance floor   IR32 The Flow of the Vals: what makes it different from Tango or Milonga (all)  
15:45-17:15 CS33 Counter movements (adv)   IR33 Having fun with Milongas from Canaro (all)  
18:15-19:30   KM34 Rhythm with small combinations (beginers)            
What is my level ?
Please look here:
We do not require any level for those who attend the beginners' lessons.
For the rest of lessons, please note what the teachers have proposed:
(Int/Adv) - for intermediate and advanced level
(Int) - for intermediate level
(Adv) - for advanced level
(for) - for all levels

As we are not able to categorise you strictly to any level, please try to assess you capabilities by yourself and as adequately as possible.